Exporting Client Data

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  1. Go to Data Management > Export Data
  2. Click 'Export Clients' 
  3. Click 'Export'
  4. Add your data to a template using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc
  5. Save file as .csv
  6. Fill in the fields as appropriate




















Video Demonstration

Importing Client Data

  1. Go to Data Management > Import Clients
  2. Click 'Attach file'
  3. Select the .csv file you created earlier
  4. Select the 'First row contains header' if the first row in your .csv contains the field names
  5. Select 'Create client codes' if you want them to be created automatically for you (These can be edited later)
  6. Click 'Load File'

Video Demonstration

Matching Fields

You now need to match the fields in your CSV to the fields in TranslationProjex. If you've used the template then this should not be necessary. If it is then just adjust the matching as necessary:

  1. The 'CSV Column' shows the column names on the .csv you uploaded
  2. The 'System Column' shows the fields within TranslationProjex
  3. Select which fields to use by clicking the drop-down arrow
  4. Click 'Preview Data' at the bottom

Previewing Data

Preview Data will show you a sample of what you've done
















  1. Check it is all correct
  2. Click 'Load Data'
  3. Your Data is now uploaded to TranslationProjex