1. Go to and create a new project
  2. Click "Manage All Projects" or go to this link
  3. Click Service Accounts from left navigation bar, and if prompted selected the project you created above.
  4. Click Create Service Account
  5. Enter any service account name, and please make sure to select "Furnish a new private key" and select "P12" as key type
  6. Key file should have been downloaded on your computer and please make a note of key password. This password will not be available again.
  7. On the main Service Accounts screen, you will see the Service Account Id like "". Please put these three peices of information on the above text boxes.
  8. Important: Please grant the service account direct access to a folder you already have on your google drive account it can then upload to that folder. Just add the service account email to the folder like you would any other user you want to give access.