Creating a Project

Login as Project Manager

  1. Go to Projects > New Project
  2. Fill in the details
  3. Select respective keywords
  4. Add a reminder alert (This will send the Project Manager associated with the project an email every day x number of days before the project deadline)
  5. Click 'Save'

Adding Client Jobs to a Project

Client jobs are the things that a client has asked you to do. A client job is typically based on a volume of work e.g. words/hours and a rate.
Once you've create a project the workflow moves to the 1-page project view.

To add a Client Job:
1. Click 'New Client Job'
2. Give your Client Job a name
3. Select the service (e.g. Translation - En-German) if you have appropriate access rights you can add a new service by clicking on the '+'
4. Select the volume and units
5. Click the CATCount button if you want to enter a CAT analysis breakdown or import an analysis from a CAT tool like Trados
6. Manually enter the Rate/unit or automatically fetch the Agreed Rate by clicking the button if you have already specified a price for that service in the administration panel or have set a price for client or resource
7. Select ' Fixed price' if you plan to charge the customer a fixed price for the job rather than per rate job
8. Select Free Job' if this client job is non-chargeable
9. Enter the Start and End


Video Demonstration