Click on the Assign button

1. In the Resource Job window give your Resource job a name

2. Select the service (e.g. Translation - En-German) if you have appropriate access rights you can add a new service by clicking on the '+'

3. Select the Resource who will be assigned the task. To see only in-house resources then click the in-house Resource button

4. Select the volume and units to be assigned to this resource

5. Click the CATCount button if you want to enter a CAT analysis breakdown or import an analysis from a CAT tool like Trados

6. Manually enter the Rate/unit or automatically fetch the Agreed Rate by clicking the button if you have already specified a price for that service in the administration panel or have set a price for client or resource

7. Select ' Fixed price' if you plan to charge the customer a fixed price for the job rather than per rate job.

8. Select Free Job' if this resource job is non-chargeable

9. Enter the Start and End Date and time of the Job

10. To create a job chain by automatically sending the uploaded file to the next resource in the chain (e.g. a proofreader) select the resource(s) to be notified when a new file is uploaded

11. Add any comments for the resource - these will appear on the purchase order you will send them

12. Click Save