Creating your own Email Templates

  1. Click Manage Templates > General Email Templates
  2. Click 'Add Template'

Customising your Email Templates

  1. Give your template a memorable name (e.g. Xmas Card)
  2. Enable it by clicking the 'Active' checkbox
  3. Edit the text
  4. Use the dynamic variables on the right to pull in data from your database (e.g. to add the specific signature of the Project Manager add the variable #USER_SIGNATURE#)
  5. Click 'Save' to update the template

Available variables:
• #NAME# - the first name of the resource/client or lead
• #SIGNATURE# - Generic corporate signature as defined on the System Settings page
• #USER_SIGNATURE# - the signature of the user who users the template

Viewing the Template

Your new template will now be available in the All Resources/All Clients or All Leads pages in the Project Manager console.

  1. Click in the 'Actions' menu
  2. Select a suitable option (Email selected)
  3. Select the template you want
  4. Edit the template
  5. Click 'Send'